10 Tips for Buying a Guitar from a Store

You can pick up a guitar almost anywhere today and many do so online, with eBay and Amazon being good examples.

Online shopping is convenient, but shopping for an acoustic or electric guitar at your local music store still has many advantages.

The main one is that you actually get to see, touch and feel the guitar.

Sure, you can spend your whole day watching the 360-degree video that the webmaster has uploaded to its site and listen to the pro play it, but you still won’t be able to judge its weight, balance or the tension of the strings.

A couple of professional guitarists have these suggestions when considering buying a guitar from a real store.

Research online. Online stores are great to get an idea on every instrument that’s available on the market. Read the reviews and compare prices. Then, decide on a couple of models that you think are best for you.
Visit all the stores that you can. You’ll get all the information you need this way and you’ll also find different offers that might suit you.

Avoid rush hours. Music stores are crowded on weekends and in the afternoon. try to pick another time to shop as you’ll get more attention this way and the seller won’t be too tired, or grumpy, to answer all of your questions.

Play the guitar. Most stores encourage customers to play, but if you run into one that’s reluctant, just leave.

Remember, you’re the buyer and the store’s job is to earn your confidence and business.

Employees in music stores are usually musicians. Ask them their opinion as they’re probably enthusiastic and have real life knowledge. See if you can get the information you need.

Get the best price. Music stores are like car dealers; they expect you to bargain and usually price accordingly. Musical instruments are fairly big ticket items and the profit margins are usually quite good so there should be some room to negotiate. If you see that it’s not possible, you might get some free stuff instead. Books, lessons, strings and picks for example.

If you have an old guitar, let them know. You might be able to get a bargain out of it as some stores resell used instruments. Otherwise, you can always check prices on eBay!

Make sure you understand the store’s return policy.

Use competition to your advantage. Music stores know their competition. Show them that you do, too. They’ll probably try to beat these prices to keep you in store.

Only pay a premium if you’re getting more value. If you pay a higher price, bargain for free customer support or service or anything else you might need. This way you’ll only pay once, but you’ll have peace of mind; anything you might need is going to be included in the price.

Above all, remember – You’re the client and you have the money. They’re not doing you a favor by selling to you. Make them earn the right to have you walk out of the store with one of their guitars!

One of the main attractions of shopping online is that it offers anonymity and excludes sales pressure. You can visit the page as many times as you like and no one will look at you in a strange way. However, building a personal relationship with employees of a music store might be more beneficial as you’ll always have someone to look after you and without waiting for a return email (which often never comes)!

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Free VS Paid Online Guitar Lessons Review

Learn to Play the Guitar for Free or Cash?

There’s been a proliferation of free guitar lessons on YouTube over the last few years. This has created a class of would-be musicians called “Google Guitarist”.

These are the people who jump from one set of free guitar lessons to another in the hopes of learning to play the guitar for free. You also find novice players who’re looking for that magic bullet course that’ll let them learn “overnight” or “without practicing”

This brings up the question, “Just what are these free guitar lessons good for anyway?”

Get your feet back on the ground

First of all, if you’re expecting to be able to play guitar overnight, or without practice or even, for that matter, without sore fingers – it’s time to stop sniffing whatever it is you’re sniffing, and get your feet back on the ground.

It just doesn’t work that way, no more than you can decide to do internet marketing today and be rich tomorrow. Sounds great, and there’s always someone ready to sell you the dream (and separate you from your money), but it’s unrealistic.

Think about it for a second

The vast majority of people who offer you free courses or video guitar lessons on YouTube also offer complete “Learn How To Play Guitar” programs. Is it logical to think that they’re going to give away all their trade secrets for free? Not hardly! Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly legitimate to give the consumer just enough of a preview or small taste of the product or service to entice him/her to buy. As a matter of fact, we see it everywhere around us every day in the real world.

The main issue with taking a succession of free lessons is that you’re only scratching the surface and there’s no continuity of approach.

Here’s the bottom line

Free guitar lessons are actually great.

How so?

Well, unless you’re extremely talented, a natural so to speak, they won’t get you to the point of being the next guitar god. That’s not what they were designed for but, if you keep your expectations real, they can be an excellent tool by putting them to their best use.

Which is? To help you sort through all the programs out there and chose the one that’s best for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

See, each of us is unique and we learn from and react to people differently. Some learn better seeing things, others hearing things and still others from reading. By the same token, a guitar course that’s best for your friend may not be best for you. On top of that, the music genre used by the coach can play a major role in your success.

By taking one or more free lesson course, you can evaluate the methods, music styles and the coach him/herself – before shelling out some bucks to buy the course. This will help you avoid mistakes and wasting money by letting you see if you feel comfortable with this or that program.


By all means, sign up for free lessons, but keep your expectations real. Sure, you’ll learn a little bit of this and a bit of that which can be fun and satisfying, but above all, use them to make an informed intelligent decision.

Reminder: A few of the programs listed offer free and paid guitar lessons online, in addition to periodic discounts from time to time, so why not check them out?

And something for fun here 🙂

Music as the Best Entertainment and Appreciation

Have you ever watched a music video or listened to a song playing on the radio and felt sad that you might never see or listen to it again? There are many places you can get your own music today. From your local departmental store, music shops or online, you are spoilt for choice. You only need to identify the artist of your favorite songs and you are good to go.

I believe that the best blues musician, if not one of the best musicians and songwriters that ever lived, was Robert Johnson. He was born in 1911 and composed some of the great songs that we all know and do not realize were works of his genius. For example ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ was famously covered by Eric Clapton and ‘They’re Red Hot’ became a comic track on the end of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic Album.

Today we see young people expressing their ‘blues’ through this new generation of dark music and dark clothing. It seems even Satanic. However, people forget that there is a form of music that allows one to express individuality and negative emotion without dying your hair and indeed contradicting yourself. Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil to play the blues, and it shines through in his dark, delta music.

I urge anyone who loves rock n roll to research this fantastic pioneer of modern music.

Other than identifying a place to buy, you need to make sure that the store only sells authentic music. This is important as it guarantees you value for money. The quality of original music is way above that of pirated copies. The best aspect about this is that you get to enjoy the music as it was originally produced with all its beautiful effects and sound. Pirated or copied music lack this quality. You might end up buying music videos or CDs that are scratched which can be quite annoying to listen to.

You do not have to tune into a particular show on radio or television to listen to it. You can watch your music video whenever you want. Consequently, it is possible for you to make a copy in your iPod or mobile phone so that you can listen and see it wherever you are. If you own a vehicle, you can make a copy of the CD and play it in your car as you go to work. With an original copy of your favorite folk or alternative songs, you do not have to be afraid of making duplicate copies as long it is for personal use and not for sale.

So how do you go about buying music? If you can not find your best music video or blues CD in your neighborhood music shop, the internet is awash with places where you can easily get what you are looking for. All you need to know is the name of the artist and song. Knowing the title of the particular album can be quite helpful as well. You can use these three attributes to help in your search. After successfully locating the music you are looking for, following instructions to complete the transaction guarantees you a copy of your favorite alternative or emo songs.

Obviously buying a copy of your music videos, folk or indie songs will cost you quite a bit of money. However, there is some pride and joy associated with owning original copies. It makes for a beautiful collection over time. Consequently, buying only authentic music goes a long way in supporting your favorite artists. If you are not in a position to buy music videos that you enjoy, there are some sites on the internet that legally allow downloading songs you like at a smaller fee or free of charge.

You can appreciate songs by taking it with you anywhere you go. Having your nice blues, emo, indie or alternative tracks with you makes you value music in any way times. It keeps your business as well. The comfort of having which you like keeps you at convenience in demanding or hard scenarios. That familiarity with having which you like obtains you via.

How to Play Rhythm Guitar

When you learn how to play rhythm guitar you will need to understand a few key things about the role you play. The rhythm guitar is not a secondary role in a song – in fact, it is a highly valuable position that requires a great deal of careful play and tons of practice to ensure you can keep the rhythm, maintain the song and lead the progression of the rhythm. If you’re looking for a great way to learn the guitar we recommend GuitarTricks.com.

Keeping Rhythm

To start with, you need to pick up a metronome. A metronome will help you learn how to keep time. Even if you think you know how to play rhythm guitar without a metronome, you probably don’t – most people cannot. Without a bass line or drums to keep the beat, it is hard to maintain your own rhythm perfectly.

Guitar Lessons

You can also practice by playing along to other music, using it as your measure. This can be done with backing tracks that you can download off the Internet for free or with songs by bands like the Ramones that have a strong sense of rhythm in their music.

The Importance of Chords

The next thing on the list when you learn how to play rhythm guitar is chords. You need to know your chords inside and out, starting with basic open chords, then moving to bar chords and power chords. You’ll find that the bar chords are the most demanding of the chords, but that power chords are just as important and should be paid attention to as much as the rest.

A Power chord will generally only use two or three strings so they are a good starting place for someone who is just learning how to play rhythm guitar and wants to get a few solid chords under their belt. You can also use these chords in both major and minor so they are flexible. The only thing they are not good for is softer, mellower songs.

Luckily, you don’t even need to go out and buy a bunch of chord books to start learning your basics. You can find most chords on the Internet for free. Bookmark the pages and have them ready for your use.

Playing Rhythm Guitar

When you start playing the rhythm guitar, you will need to create a basic collection of strums. This is started by alternating up and down strokes in 4/4 time (as most modern songs are written). You can play a song with technically only two or three chords, but you should try to find a good twelve bar blues resource or learn the chords to a song you know well.

Now, with a metronome, your chords and a basic idea of your strumming pattern, you can start copying the rhythms of your favorite songs and developing your style. You will quickly find that rhythm guitar is not only fun to play, there are infinite possibilities to how your songs will sound as you develop your own personal sense of style and rhythm.

Blues is perfectly rhythmical and is an absolutely great way to start and learn rhythms. Watch this video how 8 guitars play the blues including Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney.